How to choose your Maid of Honor

It can be daunting having to choose who should be your Maid of Honor! For starters, you may feel obligated to choose a relative closest to you who you may not be close with. You may feel obligated to ask your most recent best friend. How do you truly know who to choose as your Maid of Honor for your wedding day?

When choosing the M.O.H role, think of a few things…

  1. Who are your bridesmaids and will the Maid of Honor be able to manage the personalities well through the planning?
  2. Would you trust this person to make decisions during your most stressful times for the most important days of your life?
  3. Do you and your Maid of Honor see eye to eye when it comes to planning events?
  4. Can you picture this person giving a heartfelt wedding speech at your reception?

There is a lot of pressure and responsibilities that you will need to rely on this person for. Will they be able to execute and make your wedding events perfect? It’s okay if not… you have options!

If you must choose your Maid of Honor out of obligation, talk to them before you ask them to be apart of your wedding party. See how they feel about handling the responsibilities of being a Maid of Honor or even a bridesmaid! It can be expensive to be apart of a wedding and then,add in the pressure to fit in your dream bridesmaid dress- some of even your best friends may not be up to the task of the M.O.H role.

The other option you have when choosing your most important bride tribe member is to hire a local wedding planner to help explain the role and provide tools/support for you as the bride and the maid of honor.

At Event Planning Colorado, we have even heard of brides not choosing a Maid of Honor at all! Sometimes, its best to hire a trusted coordinator or have a family member step in where needed. It’s okay to follow your intuition and let yourself follow your gut feeling on this one. After all, it is your wedding!

-Event Planning Colorado

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